Great Over Good


We are more than just a space for artists to present their work and develop their craft. We are on the frontline in your war against the mundane and uninspired, a force that carries your message to the world and beyond, a helping hand reaching to you from the crowd of cold shoulders. We are artists, professionals, lovers, fighters, dreamers, and doers, but most of all we are here for you. Don’t settle for being good: be Great


We are dedicated to supporting the efforts of innovative creators seeking to truly ascend and achieve success on their own terms. In part, we accomplish this through offering workshops, event and studio space, and other tools for artistic souls from all walks of life to stoke their creativity, hone their skills and exhibit their passion. We here at Great Over Good see each individual as unique, creative, and gifted, and our deeper mission is to urge each and every person on the journey toward creative greatness through the medium of their passion.


Naadine Koi

Founder & Creative Director

Naadine Koi has been inspired by fashion and all things creative ever since she can remember. After growing up on the East Coast and dabbling in different industries, including fashion design and visual merchandising, she finally made the fortuitous move to California. In the last seven years since arriving in southern California, Naadine has remained loyal to her dream of pursuing a career in the arts. While always maintaining strong ties to the fashion industry, she ultimately settled on an endeavor that combines her love of creativity and people: curating. Thus, Great Over Good was born. As the Owner and Creative Director of this unique creative space, she has spread her artistic wings, while encouraging others to do the same by organizing events and workshops for other creative thinkers.

Julia Cruz


Born into an artistic Orange County household, artist and designer Julia (Gulia) Cruz was submerged into the world of creativity and culture at a young age. Inspired by the paintings, fashion design, and crafts of her relatives, Julia quickly developed an artistic identity of her own. Realizing a passion for art, literature, and music early in life, Julia has preserved her enthusiasm for the arts throughout her youth, bringing her vision to the Great Over Good studio. Since working at the studio, Julia’s individual artistic, literary, and musical perspectives have blended into one. Charcoal is her current area of concentration, a medium through which she expertly reflects movement and expression in her pieces.

Haleh Bayat


Haleh Bayat is skilled in a variety of artistic techniques including acrylic painting, digital painting, photography, and graphic design. Haleh received her MA from California State University, Fullerton. Her work has been showcased at the Niavaran Museum of Art in Iran, CSU Fullerton’s South Gallery, and the Great Over Good Gallery in Santa Ana. She currently offers lessons in painting, drawing, and art history.

Jr. Monroy

Tattoo Artist

A tattoo artist for four years, Jr. Monroy was born in San Diego and raised in Orange County. Considering the tattoo to be a form of therapy through self-expression, he strives to create a sense of personal meaning for clients through his work, delighting in their reactions to his completed designs – and in the enthusiasm of his regular clientele each time they return. Jr. draws his inspiration from nature, Asian art and architectural design.

Elliot Webb

Search Engine Marketing

After working for five years in a web design industry, Elliot had developed a focus on Search Engine Marketing, and started his own company, SEO Webb, in 2012. SEO Webb is dedicated to providing businesses with high quality marketing services that make a clear and positive impact on not only on their bottom line, but also on their long term success. SEO Webb specializes in: Search Engine Optimizing, white-hat link building, content creation, Pay Per Click advertising, web design, and more.


Future Resident

We have space available for any local creative who's looking for a new home. Join the cast and collaborate with some awesome people.