With Great Over Good’s Pinterest marketing services we put our creative minds to work for your brand! Pinterest is the fastest growing social media tool for businesses, attracting a wide range of users with incredibly diverse interests. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, a promising start-up, an established small business or a large corporation, Pinterest is the key to building interest and increasing your clientele. Here’s why:

Pinterest retains users 2-3 times more effectively than Twitter, meaning your followers on Pinterest will be more consistent and engaged than on other social media platforms.
Consumers referred to a website from Pinterest are 10% more likely to make a purchase!
Pinterest’s web traffic referrals grew over 65% from 2012 to 2013.
Pinterest’s international traffic grew 125% from 2013 to 2014!
The power of Pinterest is lucrative for every industry, from the restaurant scene to the real estate market and everything in between. We work with you to create and manage custom Pinterest campaigns that refine the image and vision of your company or brand and help you effectively project it to the world. Pinterest is has quickly become one of the most-used social media outlets, now boasting over 70 million users worldwide!


As a visually driven, pin-board style website, Pinterest allows its users to create and organize theme-based collections, or “boards,” browse other boards for inspiration, “re-pin” images to their own collections, and “like” other photos. Pinterest is a website that inspires visitors with attention-grabbing visuals, allowing them to bask in the aesthetically charged and infinite amount of photos pinned to users’ boards. In some ways, Pinterest is the perfect culmination of other popular social media sites:

  • The re-pin and like buttons are similar to the retweet and favorite buttons on Twitte
  • The visually driven boards are like scrolling through a Facebook timeline.
  • Like Tumblr, virtually all of the photos are linked to another external site that offers further information.
With aesthetic appeal at Pinterest’s core, it’s the perfect tool to drive traffic to your site, beginning with just one perfectly pinned image.


Pinterest’s visually focused approach is an excellent way to expand your business. Our social media experts have found that:

  • Shoppers referred from Pinterest spend 70% more money than visitors from other avenues
  • 29% more online shoppers have found an item on Pinterest than on Facebook that they’ve bought or plan to buy
  • Small brands and businesses find it much easier to connect with their customers and clients on Pinterest compared to Facebook.
Recently, Pinterest launched more ways to offer customers additional pricing information through “rich pins.” Rich pins allow you to automatically attach pricing information and product availability. Customers can access this information with ease by simply expanding the pin. This added feature has helped many businesses increase sales by ensuring that product details are right at their clients’ fingertips.

Let us boost your online presence and drive up your conversion rates with our expert Pinterest marketing services.

Below are several packages available to fit your specific needs:


We know life’s hectic and your time is valuable, let us maintain your Pinterest account on a monthly basis so you can spend your time doing what you do best.
Other add-on services available: monitoring your group boards, contributing to other group boards, creating Call-to-Action pins, creating rich pins for optimized product marketing. Please Contact Us for more details
Pinterest is a smart, beautiful, and highly effective marketing tool. Our Pinterest marketing services are an easy, affordable way to get where you want to be. Like we say at Great Over Good: Don’t settle for being good—be GREAT. Let us help you be great.


Need some guidance taking your Pinterest profile to new heights? Look no further! With our specialized Pinterest consulting, you’ll receive one-on-one virtual training from one of our Pinterest experts. We will perform a detailed assessment of your current Pinterest profile and provide you with feedback on suggested areas of improvement to enhance your brand’s prominence. Contact Us to schedule your consultation today!