Great Design: Daft Punk’s New Action Figures

Daft Punk – you know, that French duo that has taken over radio stations worldwide with their catchy “Get Lucky” single off their new ‘this-is-what-modern-dance-music-should-sound-like’ album, RAM? Yes, that robot-looking duo. Their fans (including myself) are rejoicing just a little more this week following the announcement that the pair will soon be available as action figures, modeled off their latest attire from the album.

Sans everything but a Vocoder, the dolls will be dressed in Daft Punk’s classic leather suits and helmets with shiny metallic finishes for “enhanced realism” (they are human, after all). My favorite part about the action figures, you ask? They come with seven sets of interchangeable hand parts for…“dynamic posing.” Genius.

The designs were apparently supervised by Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo themselves and will hit store shelves in North America this December, just in time for holiday shopping, or at least, my husband’s holiday shopping.

See the newly designed Daft Punk action figures here.

Daft Punk Action Figures

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