Great Design: Ricola Packaging

Ricola, the company known for their soothing throat lozenges and “Riiiiicolllaaaaa” TV ads, has launched a very cool limited edition package design. Created by Jung Von Matt, digital studio The Scope, and illustrator and graphic designer Julien Canavezes, the cough drops are wrapped in packaging printed with faces of different characters. The faces are meant to look like they might be suffering from the flu or soar throat (an odd thing to depict in packaging),  but as you unwrap, you essentially clear the throats of the characters. Sounds strange, but take a look at the for photos your self.

It all makes sense when a message appears on the inside of the packaging asking users to “Unwrap their Voice.” It’s a departure from Riiiiicollaaaaaaa horn-blowing alps-men, but fun, none-the less.


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