Great Minds: Julia Gulia

Julia Gulia is a multi-hat wearer with a passion for the arts. Get to know a little more about her and what keeps her inspired.




Name:   Julia Gulia

Date:   April 9th, 2013

Time:  11 am

Location:   Tustin, CA

Occupation:   Barista, muralist, painter, drawer (not the kind in the cabinet), assistant, curator, editor, multi-hat wearer


1.) Before you started this Q&A, what were you doing?

Having some very strange dreams and heating up some leftovers.

2) Are you a morning or night person?

Absolutely night.

3) Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 17, and find line 7, what does it say?

“…people. In time, there are an infinity of worlds.”

4) Do you remember your dreams?

Always. I heard about a culture once that has lucid dreams regularly and essentially go on vacation every night. I’m not quite there yet.

5) Tell us something about you that most people don’t know.

I’d rather live in a jungle than a big city. I think most humans forget what it means to just survive.

6) If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?

If it was possible to fill everyone in the world with love for everyone and everything else in the world, just for a minute, I’d do that.

7) Do you like to dance?

Mostly by myself, but I make it out to a dance floor every now and then.

8) What did your last text message say?

“Ohh ok.” Thrilling, right?

9) If you could have lunch with one famous person, who would it be?

Brandon Boyd Brandon Boyd Brandon Boyd! The man is a genius. He writes incredible music, makes incredible art, and constantly uses his art and wealth to make the world a better place. Just an amazing human being.

10) What are you currently obsessed with?

Arrested Development. Cheese. Books.

11) What word do you use the most?

I have a feeling it’s either “great” or “good.”

12) 3 things you’d like to do before you die?

Visit as many new countries as possible. Run a marathon. Write a book.

13) Have you ever been in love?

Constantly. I’ve been lucky enough to have four great loves in my life, all still good friends. Even when I’m not in a relationship, I’m in love with the world. What is a life without love?

14) If given a yacht. What would you name it?

The Seaward.

15) Who do you admire the most?

I have a pretty impressively caring family. I’m rather proud of them.

16) If handed 10,000 dollars what would you blow it on?

Debt. And then maybe travel.

17) What is the one thing you can’t live without?

Between drawing and writing, I need some paper and a pen/pencil on me at all times. I actually get a little nervous without them.

18) What were you doing at midnight last night?

Wrapping up a great conversation about music, art, books, time, and life.

19) What did you want to be when you grew up?

I went through a lot of phases. Psychologist, orthodontist, florist, event coordinator. When I was younger, I tried to think of jobs that would make a lot of money and I could convince myself helped people. I’m the opposite now, trying to convince myself that what I love to do will make money.

20) What would you tell your 13 year-old self?

As good as it is, it gets better. I loved 13. I think I love 24 more.

Artwork by Julia Gulia

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