Great Music: Kate Nash

So I hung out with my friend Kate last night. At least, that’s what it felt like. At The Observatory in Costa Mesa, Nash and her band brought the kind of energy you always hope to find in a show. I wasn’t watching some jaded musicians play the hits you know must annoy them by now. I was at a party with my friends and we had a blast.

kate 5

Photo by David Brendan Hall Photography

This was not the Kate Nash I thought I knew. I had her pegged as an artist somewhere between Regina Spektor and Lily Allen– angsty, with some attitude, but ultimately girly and bordering on light pop, albeit with a sarcastic edge.

This version of Kate, however, ROCKED it. The entire show. I had no idea this girl was as completely badass as she is. I became a fan of Kate with albums like Made of Bricks and My Best Friend Is You. These were part of my classic screw-you-break-up-mix. I’ve clearly been missing out.

Between songs, Kate had some stories to tell. Not a lot of performers stop to have full-on conversations with their audience. But therein lies the magic. Why? Because Kate wasn’t performing. She was genuinely sharing an experience and the fans seemed all for it.

I know this picture is awful. Guess what? I DON’T CARE TODAY. This band felt the music and gave little shit about anything else.

kate 1

Did I mention the rest of the band? Girl bands have it rough. They’re outnumbered and they seem to get judged more because of it. Apparently, this band is actively working to encourage more girls to get out there and rock. You can read more about their workshops here. I love it. Kate’s own bandmate S.H.R.E.D.D.E.D. on guitar. Shredded. It was intense and inspiring.

kate 4

Photo by David Brendan Hall Photography

With punk-inspired songs like Mariela, Oh My God, a “song about shit friends,” a rap, and even a hard cover of a Fidlar song, there was never a dull moment. I never got to see Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, but I have a feeling it would have gone something like this show did. Fans joined the band onstage during the last few songs. Kate even jumped down into the crowd for a dance party in the pit, following her own advice, “Fuck everyone else and do what you want to do!” Brilliant.

If there was anything I felt was missing, it was some of her older hits like Nicest Thing, but I understand why she strayed away from the lower energy songs. It was too much fun to keep rocking out. I did eventually get my mellow fix with her encore of We Get On, a beautiful way to the night.

kate 3

I could probably go on for days. Great show at an ideal venue for the band. The best part, I’m completely inspired– to write more, draw more, and finally get into some goddamn drumming.

After seeing the show last night, I immediately had to draw this when I got home.

charcoal kateArt by Gulia


Now it’s your turn. CREATE. PLAY. ROCK. Just DO! And don’t you dare give a fuck what anyone else thinks.

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