Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film

In JAY Z‘s “Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film”, Marina Abramovic joins the Brooklyn-based rapper  in his 6-hour performance of his song “Picasso Baby” that took place in New York’s Pace Gallery. Abramovic, among several artists and audience, shared an intimate time exchanging energies with each other.

“When art started becoming a part of galleries, what became a separation of culture, and even in Hip-Hop people were almost like ‘Art is too bourgeois.’ We’re artists. We’re alike, we’re cousins, that’s where  it’s really exciting for me, bringing the worlds back together.“-JAY Z

“It’s also wonderful for visual artists because the borders (different mediums)…and music being the most immature form of art, which is so wonderful.”-Marina Abramovic

If you’re not familiar with Marina Abramovic, she’s a performance artist based in New York, recently more popular for her work “The Artist is Present.” I find it very exciting to see one of the greatest MC’s and performance artists in one room, sharing their admiration for each other. Viva la union of art and music!

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