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There are two things you need to know about me when it comes to music: 1) I like to have a physical reaction to my music– a feel-it-in-your-bones, have-to-groove-wherever-I-am, beat-in-my-belly kind of sound. And 2) Call me Gloria Estefan because I LOVE to hear percussion.

The Devious Means delivered! At a GREAT show last night at The House of Blues in Anaheim, the band played a few Christmas melodies, some of their popular hits like ‘Porcelain Mouths,’ and even debuted a new song called ‘Holiday.’


Ladies and gentlemen, proceed with caution if you are pregnant, suffer from back pain, or have a history of heart problems. YOU WILL DANCE. The self-proclaimed “wrecking ball of sound” came out swinging, opening with a song aptly titled, ‘Shake.” They kept the energy up throughout the show, with much of the set including a second, guest drummer. During one song, one guitarist hopped on a drum and the female vocalist grabbed a tambourine for a total of, count them, FOUR people on percussion. The effect was palpable. There is something so mesmerizing about perfectly coordinated drumming! Maybe it’s the unity of the beat, maybe it’s the visual synchronicity. Whatever it is, this band knows how to put on a show.

The Devious Means has great range without losing touch with their unique sound. From fun melodies to ballads to get-up-and-rock-out songs, there’s something for everyone here.

Check out their website for links to download their two albums on iTunes or Amazon [Presenting The Devious Means (2011) & Songs We All Are Singing (2012)] OR do yourself a favor, take a look at their upcoming shows, and go have a GREAT time!



SATURDAY DEC. 22, 9PM-1AM, $10@ THE DOOR, 21+


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