Watercolor Calligraphy: Lauren Saylor of A Fabulous Fete

Join us on Saturday March 28th at 11am for a watercolor calligraphy workshop with  A Fabulous Fete! Learn the basics of modern brush calligraphy from the self-taught calligrapher, Lauren Saylor. This two hour workshop is designed to teach you how to take the basics of modern calligraphy and put them to paper with different brush types and watercolor paint. You will learn how to apply the same principals learned in pointed pen calligraphy, with brushes to create a unique watercolor font. Students will leave the class with understanding of creating the alphabet, mixing colors, creating different weights in their lettering and forming words and sentences. At the end of the workshop students will put all of their new skills to work and make a set of personalized note cards!

Everyone will take home a set of supplies to include watercolor paper, 2 brushes, watercolors, guides for practicing at home and supplies to complete your final project.

Refreshments will be served!


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