The voyeour Gallery @ MOLAA

When it comes to galleries, I like to indulge in erotic art. Erotic art leaves something to the imagination. Call me a pervert, a nympho, whatever you want! Anyway, check out the Voyeur gallery at the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA).

February 10 – May 26, 2013
Exhibition Image

A nude


The Voyeur presents a selection of nudes and erotic art from MOLAA’s Collection, including works by José Luis Cuevas, Julio Galán, Nelson Garrido and Francisco Toledo, among others.

This selection addresses diverse themes, such as homoerotic desire, erotic literature in the series about the Marquis of Sade, anthropomorphic representations of sexual acts, and ironic and sexualized religious iconography. Other works by artists Leónidas Correa and Lucía Pizzani place the viewer as the perverted observer.

If you want free admission, go on a Sunday.

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