UFO's In Art

I used to run cross-country in high school back in good ol’ Bakersfield, CA. While running miles at a time, you tend to start dazing off into the sky; this is how I spotted a UFO. I wasn’t alone either; two others witnessed this sighting with me.

It was just like in the movies, circular with a dome at the top. We tried to follow it but it would suddenly disappear and reappear in the sky.

That run is where my newfound obsession started- aliens! I am not the only one who has witnessed UFO sightings or aliens; it is way more common than the average folk thinks. So I started watching documentaries on the topic and talking to friends who had similar experiences, this is how I knew I wasn’t crazy.

Along the way, I realized that these sightings have been happening since the beginning of time. You can even find UFO shaped objects and aliens on ancient cave drawings and paintings. If Jesus Christ truly existed, I can’t help but to suspect that UFOs and aliens had something to do with it.

If you are interested in learning more or if you are just bored at work, type in “UFOs in art” and figure out for yourself, if they are UFOs or not. If you have seen anything like this feel free to comment!

I suspect that is a UFO in the background.

I suspect that is a UFO in the background.




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