Great Goods: Haleh

I love typography & its effect on paintings, drawings, quotes, cloths, furniture, prints & anywhere that mind can not expect. Words can be very powerful in any culture, and if used properly they give a strong sense of being.



1. As a graphic designer I am constantly looking for fonts, when I saw this world map with the turquoise color & the white couch had a soothing effect on me, so modernized and calming, I love the clean fresh aired look.

2. I love this quote because as an artist and painter I constantly make decisions about which one of my arts I should keep, the reality is we have to just keep going & not be afraid to make mistakes. Let go of your mistakes & just keep moving forward.

3. I love Guy Denning’s paintings & drawings, This one is “Pornografia per plutocrati,” the medium is conte, chalk and collage on newsprint 30×43 cm, I love the effect of typography and the drawing together, its so powerful.

4. This map was on, I ordered it for my house, I have a dark gray wall in my living room with black and white pictures, this would be a new addition. All the cities in writing formed as our state, such a cute idea, again words can shape images, we use them to communicate & to exchange ideas or simply state facts, we might as well get creative with it ; )


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