Great Goods: Haleh

I love body art in any form of painting, photography, makeup arts … I am in the process of making my peace collection in large scale with combination of photo and paint, I am using body art as my primary focus in this collection and came across these amazing work by these great artists, I thought these collections of body art was very inspiring, hope you enjoy this. Read more

Great Goods: Haleh

I love typography & its effect on paintings, drawings, quotes, cloths, furniture, prints & anywhere that mind can not expect. Words can be very powerful in any culture, and if used properly they give a strong sense of being.

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Great Goods: Marida Jewelry

The team at Great Over Good is excited to introduce you to a new column called “Great Goods”. Each week one of our resident artist will share with you an element or mood they have been inspired by and feature items that relates to this inspiration. I hope you enjoy the first roundup here from Marida! Read more