Great Goods: Naadine Koi



1) The Old OwlSince opening up Great Over Good I feel like I’m constantly on the search for new art. I think its the easiest way to give your space a fresh new look. When I first saw this black & white owl, all I could think about is how great it would look in the lobby of our office. There’s a calmness to it, it’ll bring a nice balance into that space.

2) Creme de la Creme: I want this for my office! I think its so important to surround yourself with positive and encouraging words. This will be a great daily reminder that I should do my best and expect nothing but the best.

3) Love: I love LOVE. This DIY print is so simple and so sweet. I’m planning on making it for my bedroom, they say you should always invite love in.

4) Skull: This skull is dark, sexy and glam all rapped in one. If gives off many different emotions, it’ll feel dark when I’m feeling dark, and it’ll feel glam when I’m feeling glam. It speaks to different sides of my personality. I like that. 


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