Currently: June 2014


June came and went so fast! It was one of our busiest months so far, we did so many events, workshops and met so many great people. I’m really looking forward to what July will bring.

Currently I am…….

Working on a Pinterest seminar. Time to start sharing my passion. Whoohoo!

Wearing  jogger pants. They better not go out of style, I own a lot!

Watching the second season of Orange Is the New Black. How great is that show?

Eating Whole Food’s dark chocolate sea salt covered cashews. Soooooooo good!

Excited about the launch of our sister company Creative R&R. New shit coming soon! You ready?

Needing a new laptop. My computer is on the fritz!!! But I can’t be mad, I got my moneys worth like two years ago.

Did two interviews here & here. Almost famous? 

Reading…. Instagram captions? Does that count? I haven’t had time to start any new books, but I hear #GIRLBOSS is a must. Have you read it yet? I feel like I’m the only who hasn’t.

Proud my sister-in-law graduated from UCSD with her PhD. That chick is so awesome! She inspires me to keep going.

Happy my family came to visit from Virginia. Nothing better than having a home cooked meal.

Wanting to collaborate with more people and brands. Its time to step out of my comfort zone.

Listening to 90’s R&B. Man, the 90’s was the best!

Obsessed with every image by Margaret Zhang

Loving Stone_Cold_Fox’s Spring 2014 campaign. This video is done just right, the narration is perfect. Watch it!

Grateful that my dreams are coming true. Sometimes I have stop and say to myself “This is exactly what  I wanted.” 

Fall Trends 2013

The color of the leaves isn’t the only thing changing this fall! Change up your autumn style, and exchange your summery wardrobe essentials for some of the pieces and trends that designers chose for their Fall 2013 collections. The runways displayed a range of colors, textures, and patterns reminiscent of autumn memories. Prepare your closet for shades of green and soft ivories, statement-making coats and boots, and fresh prints for your fall attire. Read more


This is in heavy rotation right now….. such a dope song.

“We’re driving cadillacs in our dreams.”


Last week we had the opportunity to go to the Magic Trade Show in Vegas, it was such a great experience. We had so much fun and met some really wonderful people. And what made the experience so great, was that our very own resident artist Marida Adan showing her new jewelry collection. We are all so proud of her, there’s nothing better than seeing one of your own doing something GREAT. Keep up the GREAT work Marida! We love you!

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