Great Goods: Clever Freckles

Each week, one of our resident artists shares things they like relating to a theme or mood that inspires them. Marida posted the first installment; Christiana brings you the second.


Clever Freckles loves Art Nouveau

Clockwise from top left: Pomegranate Damask, Gold Clock with Stand, Creative Writing Desk, Long Eliah Flower Show Dress. Images belong to Spoonflower Inc., Cost Plus Inc., William Doub and Temperley London, respectively.

1. Katie Lukas for Spoonflower: Textile designer Lukas designed this modern Pomegranate Damask inspired by pattern master William Morris, whom I first encountered in a picture book my dad gave me for Christmas. Lukas cleaned up Morris’ clutter and picked a color he never favored: fuchsia. His ground-breaking techniques are the bones of this fabric; her youth is its new layer of skin.

2.  Cost Plus World Market: The font on this small Gold Clock with Stand reminds me of Hector Guimard’s Paris metro signs–I just bought it yesterday while collecting things to decorate my atelier. I prefer to collect antique European books for my style library, but as you can imagine, they’re hard to track down in Orange County, Calif., so I was excited–and a little saddened–to find this high-quality reproduction at a big box retailer.

3. William Doub: This Creative Writing Desk embodies everything good about art nouveau interior design: shiny wood, organic lines and clean construction. Even though everything New England’s Doub crew makes is custom-ordered, they’ve posted photos of some of their finished woodwork for nuts like me. For a more saturated look at art nouveau interior design, check out the semi-creepy film sets in The Imaginarium Of Doctor ParnassusA Series of Unfortunate Events, Nanny McPhee and Casper.

4. Temperley London: The bright embroidery on this form-fitting Long Eliah Flower Show Dress from Temperley London’s Autumn/Winter 2012 line made such an impression on me when I first saw the head of the company, Alice Temperley, wearing it on an episode of last season’s Project Runway, that I tracked her dress down. But when I finally found it, I couldn’t bring myself to pay the $4,115 price tag.

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