Great Goods: Marida Jewelry

The team at Great Over Good is excited to introduce you to a new column called “Great Goods”. Each week one of our resident artist will share with you an element or mood they have been inspired by and feature items that relates to this inspiration. I hope you enjoy the first roundup here from Marida!


1. The Link Collective: When I first came across The Link Collective, I thought they were selling art prints. But to my pleasant surprise, these amazing prints are scarves! So cool, right?? However, I would totally showcase it on my wall as prints after each wear. What a great 2 in 1 deal. Oh, and FYI, you cannot iron those creases out.

2. Lomography La Sardina Camera: I was packing up the other day and felt completely nostalgic when I came across a heap of photos from high school and early college days. Something about the actual prints in your hands that makes me feel so much more sentimental than digital ones. Do you guys feel the same? If so, this camera will take you away from this crazy digital age we live in while still remaining stylish and creative.

3.  Girl + ParrotTriangle Hair: I’ve been on a bit of an art mission since my husband and I are relocating to a new place. I love couple arts that aren’t too lovey dovey and this certainly does the trick. Plus, it is such a steal.

4. ABJ Glassworks: This lamp will not be found in your typical grandma’s house. Faceted objects always give a modern, fresh look to a room, which is what I am aiming for with the new condo. So needless to say, you can now find this item on my extensive Home Goods Wishlist.

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