Independent Publishing Resource Center


Any writer or artist who wants to scratch their creative itch would be pleased to learn about the Independent Publishing Resource Center. Located in Portland, Oregon, the center empowers artists to self-publish and generate their own creative media using old letter press and book binding machines.

The classes and in-studio guidance from volunteers and professionals will promote the success of any project an artist aims to achieve using the center’s resources. When you visit the website, or even the center, you might also wonder why on earth there isn’t one in EVERY city! Besides being beyond affordable and generous with time and resources, the center is a non-profit organization. Go to the website and learn much, much more about the creative opportunities the center offers: Read more


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The video “Free” by Rudimental is a brilliant example of how we experience our own transcendence in the modern world. There are obstacles at every turn in life, and however we rise to meet them is how we determine what kind of being we’ll become.

As an artist, it can mean being forced to break down barriers within the self and society in order for ideas to breathe. The imagery in this video inspires that flame of striving to live out the stories in our minds, then to push past what we think is possible and dream bigger. Read more

Pantone Reveals the Color of 2014

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Pantone, the global authority on color has just made it’s annual selection for the color of the year and it is…drum roll please….“Radiant Orchid!

A tone of purple incorporating fuchsia and pink undertones, Pantone describes Radiant Orchid as a color that, “…inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health. It is a captivating purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm.”

While the choice is seemingly arbitrary, there is actually quite a bit of work that goes into the selection. According to the company, its team reviews color trends across the globe in the entertainment industry, technological developments, new artists and collections, travel destinations and even sporting events. The annual color selection is significant, as it will be incorporated into a variety of industries including fashion, beauty and interior design – so expect to see it on the runways, HGTV and even your local Target. Read more

Comfort Fashion

When it’s time to sink into a good read, write a letter, lay an art project out on the floor, or lounge around on the home front, you may want to reconsider your comfort clothes. We’ve discovered two inspiring alternatives, which will re-define your vision of home fashion. Read more

Modern Health Essential: Sprouting

Sprouting is economical, extremely simple, and a wonderful hearty addition to granola, salads, soups, and grains. Eating sprouts will help rid your body of unhealthy fats and chemicals, giving you a daily detox that increases your energy and lowers your appetite.  Read more

Fall Trends 2013

The color of the leaves isn’t the only thing changing this fall! Change up your autumn style, and exchange your summery wardrobe essentials for some of the pieces and trends that designers chose for their Fall 2013 collections. The runways displayed a range of colors, textures, and patterns reminiscent of autumn memories. Prepare your closet for shades of green and soft ivories, statement-making coats and boots, and fresh prints for your fall attire. Read more

Great Design? Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP Album Cover

Lady Gaga, the ever-intriguing pop star, debuted the artwork of her latest album ‘ARTPOP’ this week. While album art can be iconic and collectible – think college dorm rooms with framed vinyl of Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ or Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here,’ Gaga puts ‘art’ on display with a major juxtaposition of the classic with the modern. Read more