Watercolor Workshop

Summers are filled with relaxation, barbecues, and of course water. But a summer is even better with watercolors! Kim from K.Mala Studio added art, fun times, and laughter to our summer.




Thursday nights in June here at Great Over Good included Kim’s Watercolor Workshops in 4 different specialities: Fruits and Flowers, Fashion Illustration, Hand-lettering, and Wine and Watercolor. While each workshop was unique and geared toward the subject, they were all informational and most importantly incredibly fun!




Teaching different brush techniques and composition tactics, Kim kept the workshops approachable for students of all levels. She also taught both realistic approaches and more abstract and whimsical ones so each student could work with their own style.



Thanks for the lessons, the jokes, the music, the snacks, and the wine Kim! We all feel like artists now. Visit Kim’s website

Top 5 CSUF Photographers on Instagram

Cal State Fullerton one of the universities close to our studio, and while it is mostly known for its business program, within the masses of students are talented individuals. Below are the top 5 CSUF photographers you should follow on Instagram.

Note: These are in alphabetical order by last name.

Alex Calish – @jalexanderphoto

Although Alex Calish’s Instagram description indicates he is a landscape photographer, his sharp attention to detail in his subjects creates a more dynamic and intimate feel to his photographs.

Alex Calish on Instagram

Kevin Chen – @kchensays

Kevin Chen is also a landscape photographer. While Calish seems to focus on details, Chen prefers to showcase the vast lands of his travels.

Kevin Chen on Instagram

Winnie Huang – @buffalowinsss

There is something uniquely but vaguely humane about Winnie Huang’s photographs. The mystery in them always keeps one intrigued.

Winnie Huang on Instagram

Robert Huskey – @roberthuskey

While most would assume that Robert Huskey’s forte is sports photography, it seems as though he is actually more interested in the study of motion, light, and shadows through the medium of photography.

Robert Huskey on Instagram

Alvin Kim – @alvinwkim

Without relying on far away travels or color saturation, Alvin Kim successfully creates beautiful photographs making mundane objects and muted colors incredibly interesting.

Alvin Kim on Instagram

Independent Publishing Resource Center


Any writer or artist who wants to scratch their creative itch would be pleased to learn about the Independent Publishing Resource Center. Located in Portland, Oregon, the center empowers artists to self-publish and generate their own creative media using old letter press and book binding machines.

The classes and in-studio guidance from volunteers and professionals will promote the success of any project an artist aims to achieve using the center’s resources. When you visit the website, or even the center, you might also wonder why on earth there isn’t one in EVERY city! Besides being beyond affordable and generous with time and resources, the center is a non-profit organization. Go to the website and learn much, much more about the creative opportunities the center offers: Read more