PR & SEO 101 for Bloggers


We are excited to be co-hosting  the PR & SEO 101 For Bloggers event!! Check out the following details:

Good PR & marketing skills are the secret ingredients that will take your blog from average to amazing.

Join us for a blogger workshop with Kismet PR founder Lyndsey Wells and special guest Dinah Wulf to discuss the best tips to help you get more followers, work with better brands, boost your search engine visibility and make your blogging dreams come true.

This three-hour power session goes a step beyond expensive, long conferences — we’ll give you everything you need to tackle those intimidating publicity tactics and SEO tricks you’ve been wondering about for months.
Topics include:

• Media kits — what they are & why you need one
• What it actually means to “promote” a brand
• Ways to pitch magazine & TV editors or other bloggers
• How to get the most out of blog conferences
• Strategies and tips for connecting with brands
• Overview of different monetization strategies & how to negotiate
• How to use social media more effectively and boost your online / IRL presence
• Basic to intermediate level Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices
• Tactics to make your blog content easier to find via search engines

Class size is small so we can keep it personal and relevant. All attendees will be asked to fill out a short survey prior to the class to ensure we cover topics that are most applicable to your current blogging situation. AND, we’ll provide snacks, drinks and a few treasures to take home.

This workshop is also hosted by Cupcakes & Cutlery & Hannah’s Bananas

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The Great Ones: Linda Regan


Linda Regan, Footwear Designer

We are so excited to announce our newest event series: THE GREAT ONES. Join us for conversations with some of the most creative minds in the industry.

On August 13th meet creative director, footwear designer, and style expert Linda Regan. She will be discussing the ins and outs of the fashion industry, including design, production, and trend forecasting. Learn how to take your designs from sketch to the retail floor!

RSVP Here!: Tickets no longer available

Watercolor Workshop

Summers are filled with relaxation, barbecues, and of course water. But a summer is even better with watercolors! Kim from K.Mala Studio added art, fun times, and laughter to our summer.




Thursday nights in June here at Great Over Good included Kim’s Watercolor Workshops in 4 different specialities: Fruits and Flowers, Fashion Illustration, Hand-lettering, and Wine and Watercolor. While each workshop was unique and geared toward the subject, they were all informational and most importantly incredibly fun!




Teaching different brush techniques and composition tactics, Kim kept the workshops approachable for students of all levels. She also taught both realistic approaches and more abstract and whimsical ones so each student could work with their own style.



Thanks for the lessons, the jokes, the music, the snacks, and the wine Kim! We all feel like artists now. Visit Kim’s website

Top 5 CSUF Photographers on Instagram

Cal State Fullerton one of the universities close to our studio, and while it is mostly known for its business program, within the masses of students are talented individuals. Below are the top 5 CSUF photographers you should follow on Instagram.

Note: These are in alphabetical order by last name.

Alex Calish – @jalexanderphoto

Although Alex Calish’s Instagram description indicates he is a landscape photographer, his sharp attention to detail in his subjects creates a more dynamic and intimate feel to his photographs.

Alex Calish on Instagram

Kevin Chen – @kchensays

Kevin Chen is also a landscape photographer. While Calish seems to focus on details, Chen prefers to showcase the vast lands of his travels.

Kevin Chen on Instagram

Winnie Huang – @buffalowinsss

There is something uniquely but vaguely humane about Winnie Huang’s photographs. The mystery in them always keeps one intrigued.

Winnie Huang on Instagram

Robert Huskey – @roberthuskey

While most would assume that Robert Huskey’s forte is sports photography, it seems as though he is actually more interested in the study of motion, light, and shadows through the medium of photography.

Robert Huskey on Instagram

Alvin Kim – @alvinwkim

Without relying on far away travels or color saturation, Alvin Kim successfully creates beautiful photographs making mundane objects and muted colors incredibly interesting.

Alvin Kim on Instagram

Review: The Art of Being Pharrell

A few months ago, I completely  fell for advertising on Facebook.  Like any other uneventful day, I was scrolling through my news-feed when I saw a sponsored post by W Magazine asking Facebook users to vote for best magazine cover by “liking” one of the options.  I voted, started looking around their Facebook page, and eventually found myself paying $5 for a five month subscription to the over-sized publication. Yeah, I know… I fell for it and contributed to the success of pesky online advertising.  The worst part? I didn’t even read the articles – I really only looked at the photographs of Miley Cyrus where she dyed her eyebrows blonde. The magazines ended up pilled on my desk… until a few days ago.


Cover artwork by Urs Fischer

I received W’s Art edition in the mail and noticed something peculiar about the cover. Contemporary artist Urs Fischer (who’s work I first saw at MOCA) created the cover artwork using one of his signature techniques: covering the subject’s face with an inanimate object. In this case, a silver hardware screw over “Happy” singer Pharrell Williams.

The interview discusses many aspects of Pharrell’s career including his earlier work, his response to the controversy of “Blurred Lines” which he produced, and even his famous infamous “Smokey the Bear” hat and its contribution to the explosion of the singer/producer’s fame. However, unlike other profiles of music artists, every page of this interview showcases a piece of visual art contemporary artists have made with Pharrell as the main subject.

by Japanese artist Mr.

by Japanese artist Mr.


Included in the spreads are works by Mr., Jr., Alex Katz, and Rob Pruitt. If you don’t subscribe to W, you’re about to “get lucky” because you can view these artworks online.

After actually reading this edition of W, and not just looking at the layout designs, I suppose falling for advertising this one time was worth it. My admiration for Fischer’s art only grew stronger, I checked out other artists’ work, and even Pharrell’s long journey for a successful career was interesting enough for me to finish reading the entire (several paged) article.


Do I think that ‘Blurred Lines’ is about gender equality like Pharrell and Robin Thicke have claimed? Ha! Absolutely not. But that is whole other topic.

Do I like Pharrell’s hat? No, but I can admit it’s become iconic.

A Brief History of John Baldessari

John A. Baldessari is an American Conceptual artist with a great sense of humor, and a great creative mind. Check out this entertaining video documenting some of his most creative and successful work. John Baldessari does not make boring art.