Move It Monday.

Hey guys, Good Monday! Hope your weekend was fantastic. Today we will focus on how powerful our actions are. It starts with the decision of what it is we want to change. Sometimes we doubt ourselves and our power to influence change. But let’s face it, if we didn’t have it we wouldn’t have passed things like March as Women’s History Month. It’s monumental that we observe as much around us as possible and decide what we feel passionate enough to change.  Chances are you will find people who feel the same and you can join forces, but you will never find them if you don’t look. There is plenty of people who blame others for their circumstance, say it’s weight, hating one’s job, or a policy. But that is all they do…complain. Next time you do that, stop and think what can I do to change this? How bad do I want this? Start monday knowing that you have the power to influence and change a lot of things in this world, but you have to believe it first.


“If you change nothing, nothing will change.”

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