Modern Calligraphy: Jenna Rainey of Mon Voir

In this three hour course, you will learn techniques of modern calligraphy from the ground up using a pen and nib dipped into ink. You will learn how to construct strokes and shapes, letterforms and words, along with basic tools for composition and overall design and structure. This course will not only cover basic instruction, but also provide you with an introduction to intermediate techniques, as well as coaching and direction for the next steps you will need to advance your lettering in order to develop your own style of calligraphy. After this course, each student should be able to apply the following:

– demonstrate basic knowledge of pointed pen calligraphy

– when and how to apply pressure and release on the pen

– full grasp of how to structure the alphabet

– show an understanding in basic flourishes and stylistic techniques

Each student will be provided with a take home kit including tools curated by Jenna Rainey, along with her in-depth, Modern Calligraphy instructional booklet. All materials are provided! Everyone will take home their calligraphy starter kit which includes: a pen holder, two nibs, bottle of color ink and a 15 page practice and informational booklet

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