Modern Calligraphy: Lauren Essl Of Blue Eye Brown Eye

Since July 2012 Lauren Essl has taught hundreds of students the art of modern pointed pen calligraphy. What started around her dining room table has now expanded to several cities across the United States and online. She loves sharing her passion for calligraphy and meeting new faces.

Beginners Calligraphy 

If you’re interested in learning calligraphy, thinking of starting your own business, or just like to try something new – this class is for you. This class is truly meant for beginners – if you’ve never picked up a calligraphy pen before, you’ll want to take this class! We’ll go over the basics, including dipping your pin in ink, understanding ink flow and pressure, basic script letter forms, and developing your own lettering style. I’ll be available to answer any questions about calligraphy and starting a calligraphy business. Classes will be small in size to maximize learning!

What you’ll get:

1 oblique pen | 3 Zebra G nibs | pot of ink | washi tape | tracing paper pad | practice alphabet and grid | extra goodies and surprises



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