Move it Monday

Sometimes our dreams and our passions overwhelm us and we think that there is so much to do to in so little time. It’s probably true but attempting to everything at once will not only leave you tired but also unmotivated as you will probably realize you took on too much. Success is about building a foundation. Before you are ready to take the big steps, start out Read more

Move It Monday.

Hey guys, Good Monday! Hope your weekend was fantastic. Today we will focus on how powerful our actions are. It starts with the decision of what it is we want to change. Sometimes we doubt ourselves and our power to influence change. But let’s face it, if we didn’t have it we wouldn’t have passed things like March as Women’s History Month. It’s monumental that we observe as much around us as possible and decide what we feel passionate enough to change.  Read more

Great Minds: Hannah Dansie

For the launch of our new section Great Minds we want to present the artists that inspire us.  They say a picture is worth a 1000 words and Hannah Dansie’s artwork not only inspires but it really encapsulates the quirky artist herself! In order to get to really understand Hannah we asked her some questions only people that knew her would know the answers to. We hope you have as much fun reading her responses as we did.

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Move It Monday

Good Monday! Many times we think clothes don’t matter but fashion photographer Bill Cunningham really sums it up in this quote when he says that what we wear is sometimes all we need to feel confident, especially Mondays.  Make sure you are wearing the clothes and not the other way around because you may find you feel overwhelmed by an outfit. It is supposed to make you feel good and help bring out the best in you.  So today get dressed to take on the world!

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Last week we had the opportunity to go to the Magic Trade Show in Vegas, it was such a great experience. We had so much fun and met some really wonderful people. And what made the experience so great, was that our very own resident artist Marida Adan showing her new jewelry collection. We are all so proud of her, there’s nothing better than seeing one of your own doing something GREAT. Keep up the GREAT work Marida! We love you!

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