Office Available at Great Over Good

15X7 office space available in our 1800 sq. ft. gallery suite in Santa Ana. Monthly rent is $550, which includes ALL utilities PLUS wireless internet. Your monthly lease also includes parking, use of all common areas, and large gallery space that also doubles up as a photo studio. Bathrooms, kitchen, and tracing/cutting table within the space, air conditioned for summers, and close to retail/dining areas. Minutes away from Costa Mesa, Downtown Santa Ana, Downtown Orange, Irvine, and freeways.

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Move it Monday

 Good monday everyone! Starting this week we will start our Mondays with a quote to inspire all of you to get going and taking one step further towards your dreams. This quote is perfect for today because let’s face it, no matter how many times we say this is the day we will start a good habit or start looking for a new job all we really do is pull the covers back up.

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Great Goods: Haleh

I love body art in any form of painting, photography, makeup arts … I am in the process of making my peace collection in large scale with combination of photo and paint, I am using body art as my primary focus in this collection and came across these amazing work by these great artists, I thought these collections of body art was very inspiring, hope you enjoy this. Read more

New Music

There are two things you need to know about me when it comes to music: 1) I like to have a physical reaction to my music– a feel-it-in-your-bones, have-to-groove-wherever-I-am, beat-in-my-belly kind of sound. And 2) Call me Gloria Estefan because I LOVE to hear percussion. Read more